Top Drilling upgrades to Hyperpool Shakers on RIG 2501

December 15, 2020 – Houston, TX.

Top Drilling Company Sucursal Colombia (Top Drilling) installed four Hyperpool® shale shakers on Rig 2501 to improve the rig’s performance and deliver better service quality to their clients. This is now the second Top Drilling rig outfitted with Hyperpool shale shakers. Derrick’s Distributor partner, Ramde Solids Control SA (Ramde), supplied the Hyperpool shale shakers to Top Drilling, aided with installation and commissioning services.

Ramde maintains a full stock of screens and spare parts in Colombia for Derrick equipment and has a staff of experienced, Derrick-trained technicians to provide after-sales support. Top Drilling selected the Hyperpool shale shakers for their performance and reliability and Ramde’s outstanding service and support.


About Ramde

Since 1997, Ramde International has been the leading provider of solids control equipment and services for the oil and gas industry in Latin America. In 2004, Ramde’s exponential success led them to create their first company outside of the United States, Ramde de Colombia S.A.S. This allowed them to better serve their customers in Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia where Ramde represents Derrick and supports end-user clients. In addition to supplying Derrick’s high performance solids control equipment, Ramde also offers Solids Control Professional (SCP) service to assist clients by optimizing the shale shakers and screens on the drilling rigs.


About Derrick

Derrick, founded in 1951, is a family-owned and operated company with a global presence focused on pioneering fine-separation technology.

Since 1977, Derrick has manufactured innovative technologies for the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry. Derrick offers its clients leading-edge solutions and around-the-clock, award-winning service to maximize solids control efficiency. Derrick’s products are renowned for their rugged reliability in an industry known for its intensely challenging environment and ever-evolving demands.

We are a Global Family® focused on Pioneering Technology®


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