8-Deck SuperStack
8-Deck SuperStack
8-Deck SuperStack
Easy Access Screen Decks
Polyweb® Urethane Screens
Optional Oversize Launder Vibrators


Derrick® Corporation has once again redefined high capacity, high efficiency, fine particle wet screening with the introduction of the SuperStack®. With 8 decks operating in parallel and innovative Front-to-Back (FTB) tensioning system, the SuperStack has a demonstrated capacity up to 3 times that of the best fine screens currently available. All of this added capacity comes with only a slight increase in the space required per machine, significantly reducing the total capital and installation cost as well as OPEX for any screening installation.


  • Flo-Divider™
  • Feeders
  • Derrick Integrated Vibratory Motors
  • Repulp Spray System (Optional)
  • Screen Decks
  • Polyweb Urethane Screen Panels
  • Optional Oversize Launder Vibrators



Rapid Return on Investment

  • Improve product recovery
  • Maximize plant capacity
  • Increase product grade and value

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Proven lower OPEX
  • Low equivalent annual capital cost
  • Minimal structural requirements due to smaller footprint at high capacities

Industry Leading Technology and Support

  • The world leader in fine screening innovations
  • Highest capacity fine screen, up to 3 times the capacity of the best fine screens currently available
  • Global team with hundreds of years’ experience
  • Award-wining technical support available 24 / 7
  • State-of-the-art test laboratory with full scale equipment

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

  • Totally enclosed, lubricated-for-life vibratory motors
  • Low power consumption (5kW/h)
  • Lightweight, easy to install screen panels
  • Exceptionally low maintenance (<1 minute per screen panel change)
  • Maximize efficiency in resources recovery

Solutions to your most challenging fine sizing problems:


  • Improve efficiency and capacity in closed grinding circuits


  • Improve final concentrate grade and recovery


  • Improve size classification and product quality, e.g. industrial minerals, heavy minerals, pellets


  • Reduce impurities, e.g. silica, alumina, in fine iron application


  • Pumping and pipeline protection by removing coarse and abrasive particles


  • Fine coal de-sliming to reduce ash content


  • High-capacity trash removal


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Derrick proudly introduces the latest innovation in fine screening technology, Front-to-Back (FTB) screen tensioning.


Increase Capacity

Customers using the Derrick SuperStack report significant capacity increases over their previous screening equipment. These increases are attributed to the rotation of each screen section’s crown 90 degrees, parallel to material flow. This change in crown direction assures an even distribution of material across the entire width of the screen and engages 100 percent of the screening surface. It also minimizes migration of oversize particles to the outside edges of the screening deck. This even distribution of material leads to increased panel life by reducing panel wear caused by oversize solids conveying in concentrated areas.



Reduce Screen Panel Change Time

Customers report the ability to change screen panels extremely fast–typically less than 1 minute per screen panel. Using a single long-handled wrench, the operator turns a rotating tension bar assembly to draw each screen panel into tension. A single locking nut is then tightened to secure the applied tension.



Four Fast, Easy Steps to Install Screen Panels

  1. Hook the panel at the discharge end (front) onto the edge of the screen bed section.
  2. Hook the opposite end of the panel onto the tension bar at the feed end (back).
  3. Rotate the tensioning nut to apply the desired tension.
  4. Tighten the locking nut to secure panel tension


  • Equalizes feed flow from source(s) to each deck for optimal separation efficiency
  • Dart valves allow flow to be stopped to one or more outlets
  • Urethane pockets built into each feeder distribute feed slurry uniformly across the entire width of the screen
  • Easily removed front cover facilitates maintenance and debris removal
  • Interior lining options available for different feed characteristics
  • Less than 80dB sound production and rated for continuous-duty operation
  • Internal oil lubrication system provides many years of maintenance-free operation
  • Increase screening efficiency without increasing deck length
  • Spray bars designed to dispense water into repulp wash troughs
  • Added free water helps undersize material pass through screen panels
  • Replaceable rubber repulp wash troughs
  • Screen beds crowned in the direction of flow rather than side to side, resulting in increased capacity with more effective utilization of the entire screen width
  • Time required to replace screen panels is significantly reduced with innovative Front-to-Back (FTB) screen panel tensioning system
  • Robust design with abrasionresistant urethane screen frame coating for extended useful life
  • Accepts Derrick long-life, highopen-area, anti-blinding Polyweb® urethane screen surfaces
  • Unique, patented technology available only from Derrick
  • Full range of polyurethane panels with apertures ranging from 53 micron to 6.2mm
  • Specialized formulations to cope with various temperature and chemical environments
  • Unique non-blinding design for optimal efficiency and capacity
  • Long lasting—commonly 4 to 12 months
  • Long slot and short slot designs with up to 45 percent open area
  • Dual oversize launders (one per side)
  • Oversize conveyance assisted by push water or optional vibrators
  • Easily accessible for inspection and maintenance


Please note: Information on this website is subject to change. To obtain accurate dimensions and equipment configurations, please contact the Derrick Engineering Department for an updated GA drawing.


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