Derrick® understands the importance of supporting its customers. Our dedicated Technical Support department provides global support, assisting customers with installation, operation, and maintenance concerns. Numerous industry awards substantiate Derrick’s Technical Support department, which is made up of field-trained personnel to advanced-degreed engineers.


  • Around-the-clock, unparalleled support
  • Shaker/Screen Optimization for oil & gas drilling
    • Solids Control system performance
    • Daily fluid tracking IAW drilling fluid reports
    • End of well reporting
  • Complimentary inspection reports


  • Analyze and provide ideal equipment layout for fine-separation systems based on customer’s performance requirements and spatial constraints
  • 3D drawings are available to customers, upon request, for some Derrick products
  • Create user-friendly product documentation (i.e. operational manuals, technical specification sheets, etc.)
  • Respond to highly-technical equipment inquiries in a timely manner

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