In-Person | Derrick Facility

How it works:

Derrick’s Educational Facility in Houston, Texas is an ideal place to receive fully immersive solids control training. Upon registration confirmation, guests will receive a welcome email along with information for booking travel accommodations, proper attire, class times, weather and a brief emergency questionnaire. A typical course for oilfield personnel will last four to five days. Each day will consist of a variety of activities and onsite locations to address different learning styles. We promise to provide plenty of hands-on experiences. Whether it’s in our technology integrated classroom, separation laboratory, or state-of-the-art equipment plant, we assure that all attendees will gain the knowledge they need to maximize performance at the jobsite. At Derrick, we also strive to make every guest feel comfortable during their visit. Breakfast, snacks, beverages, and lunch are provided daily.  At the end of the course, a certificate of achievement will be issued along with educational resource material for on-the-job concerns.

In-Person | Offsite Location

How it works:

Offsite Learning refers to Derrick’s commitment to bring the best solids control education to your site or a convenient location. Options include:

  • One to three-hour custom mini course delivered by our instructors in your company’s building.
  • One to three-day large group seminar at a hotel, convention center, auditorium, etc.
  • One-day jobsite specific education where our instructors work directly with your personnel onsite.

An Audio-Visual Equipment questionnaire is attached to the registration form. Upon completion and confirmation, contact will be made to begin collaboration on the learning opportunity. Derrick instructors travel with all the necessary learning material and aim to provide as much engagement and hands-on learning as possible to help every attendee be successful.

Virtual Education Courses

How it works:

Derrick offers Virtual Learning as an option to avoid the difficulty of travel. Our platforms include Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Live, and Zoom. Utilizing high quality graphics, modern presentation styles, discussion forums, and online learning activities, Derrick Instructors will deliver a one to three-hour course customized to your needs. Virtual Learning can be a fantastic opportunity to allow multiple countries, companies, or job titles to easily join for a common goal. Upon registration and confirmation, communication will begin regarding time and virtual platform guidance.

Hybrid Education Courses

How it works:

There are often situations where there is plenty of interests in specific areas of education and training, but time away from current projects may not allow it. Derrick fully understands this conflict and will work with you or your team to customize a course tailored to your schedule and interest. Options include:

  • Shortened courses to spotlight certain subject matter.
  • Lunch & Learns.
  • Virtual Demonstrations.
  • Quick reference videos for service & maintenance.

Information given within these types of courses will be brief and to the point. Best practices and recommendations will be highlighted for immediate learning take aways.


Drilled solids can be extremely detrimental to drilling rig operations if not properly managed. Solids Control equipment is the most cost effective way to remove drilled solids. Learners will be guided through an entire fluid system and the implications as they relate to drilled solids. Emphasis is placed on optimizing equipment that removes sequentially finer drill solids. Overall, this is a comprehensive course designed to enhance an individual’s knowledge of solids control operations.

Introduction to Solids Control

In-Person Derrick Facility

In-Person Offsite Location

Virtual Education Courses

Available Learning Options:


There are many variables to operating an efficient solids removal system on a well. Solids Control for Engineers is designed to engage the learner in activities that will support the decision making process when sizing, operating, and forecasting the best economic solutions using solids control equipment. This course is intended to build upon previously gained knowledge of solids control equipment, testing, and application.

Solids Control for Engineers

In-Person Derrick Facility

In-Person Offsite Location

Virtual Education Courses

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Proper installation, care, and repair are all vital components to maintaining a productive solids control system. This course is designed for the tradesperson with both mechanical and electrical responsibilities on solids control equipment. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on course related to all aspects of service for each piece of solids control equipment manufactured by Derrick. (Service overview of competitive equipment by request)

Service and Maintenance for Solids Control Equipment

In-Person Derrick Facility

In-Person Offsite Location

Virtual Education Courses

Available Learning Options:


Drilled solids can be extremely detrimental to operations if not properly managed. Solids Control equipment is the most cost effective way to remove drilled solids. Learners will be guided through the slurry system and the implications as they relate to drilled solids. Emphasis is placed on optimizing equipment that removes sequentially finer drill solids. Overall, this is a comprehensive course designed to enhance an individual’s knowledge of solids control operations.

Solids Control for Underground Construction Applications

In-Person Derrick Facility

In-Person Offsite Location

Virtual Education Courses

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2022 Solids Control Education Courses


August 29-September 1 – Solids Control for Engineers (Course Offering: In-Person)

September 19-23 – Service & Maintenance for Solids Control Equipment (Course Offering: In-Person)

November 14-18 – Introduction to Solids Control (Course Offering: In-Person)

December 5-9 – Service and Maintenance for Solids Control Equipment (Course Offering: In-Person)



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Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins is a Technical Service Representative and the Solids Control School Instructor for Derrick. A 1999 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, Matt holds a Master’s Degree in Education, as well as administrative and technical certifications.

Following fifteen years in public school administration, Matt joined Derrick Corporation. He has advanced the solids control curriculum since 2014, conducting schools at the Houston Facility and in many countries around the world. Matt currently resides with his wife and two sons in Houston, Texas.

Roberto Revelo

Roberto Revelo joined the Derrick team in June 2008. He began his career in the Shipping and Receiving Department, moved to Equipment Assembly, and now is a Lead Service Technician.

In 2012, Roberto helped create the Field Service Training Program and has led trainings around the world on inspection, service, and repair of solids control equipment.

Roberto is bilingual and his knowledge and expertise have helped customers gain the best performance out of their products. He currently resides in Houston with his wife and two children.

David Iiams

David Iiams is a Technical Service Representative and joined the Derrick team in January 2019. A graduate of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, David holds a B.S. in Chemistry.

Before joining the Derrick team, David spent 6 years in West Texas as a Drilling Fluids Engineer working with different fluids and formations. David’s experience with drilling fluids has helped expand the fluids training in Derrick’s solids control education. He currently resides with his wife in Houston, Texas.


“The training project was really exciting from the standpoint of all parties involved. It was good that participants were permanently engaged. The quiz thing was brilliant and appreciated by all attendants.

Before we parted I spoke with several regional managers. They were impressed with the training material and with the team spirit. There were no doubts that the first step was made to cover thousands of miles and it was mentioned that it was made in the right direction.”

Moscow Russia

"Dear Matt,

I want to share my appreciation for your role in the generous support for the PERTT Lab and its students by Derrick Corporation. Your donation of oilfield equipment and supplies helps our students receive a top-tier, hands-on education in petroleum engineering.

Because of your gift, the future LSU Engineer is better equipped to go forth and make a difference in the world. Thank you for expressing your confidence in LSU through this generous gift."

Geaux Tigers!

Robert M. Stuart Jr.
LSU Foundation President and CEO

 “A big “Thank You” from Drilling Mud Direct.  The Workshop was a big success yesterday.  We get better and better each time we do one of these. We truly value having you guys as partners. This education effort is important, needed and a good business development tool.”

Clint Pitman
Drilling Mud Direct
Englewood, CO

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for providing Solids Control Training this week for our Product Support Team and modifying the content to accommodate our specific needs and time constraints. The feedback I have received from the Product Support Team has been overwhelmingly positive, everyone felt that the information and content covered will benefit them in their ongoing business development efforts.

I look forward to working with you formulating a strategic and logical progression for future training.”

Producers Supply Company, Inc.
Waynesburg, PA

“Thank you for setting up the tour for us and the Aramco interns. We really appreciate your taking the time away from other work to spend the day with us and teach our engineering interns about drilling fluids cleaning equipment. Several of our interns are very interested in careers in drilling, and they have not had a chance to get on real operations. Seeing the equipment in use—and especially changing the screens—was tremendously valuable for them.”

Keith Rappold, Technology Coordination Chief
Aramco Service Company

“On behalf of TTC & LA Tech, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to each of you for the time and expense which you invested in our students and the future of our industry. I appreciate the cooperation you had with Saleh, my assistant, in getting the schedule and other details worked. I regret that I could not be there due to international TTC commitments. When Saleh & I designed this course, there were several unique objectives that we wanted to accomplish. We wanted it to be a trenchless project that involved microtunneling (MT), and we wanted to use this opportunity to get industry involved. The MT seminars were great. This allowed the students to learn from industry leaders and experts. Also, the 2-day field trip was a tremendous learning experience.

On May 6, the students made their final presentation to our CET IAB and many other attendees. It was a big deal. The IAB had to conduct a formal evaluation. Several IAB members stated that the presentations were the best ever. I contribute this success to your involvement. The seminars and the field trip develop a high degree of confidence in the students which showed that they had mastered the subject matter. They could answer the questions. 

Several of these students have expressed interest in making the TT industry their career.”

Tom Iseley, Ph.D., P.E., Dist. M. ASCE
CETF Professor, Civil Engineering
Director, Trenchless Technology Center
Louisiana Tech University

“I would like to personally thank you, the Derrick Equipment Company and Mr. Matthew Wiggins, for allowing us the opportunity to visit and tour your facility in Houston today.

I and Well Completion Technology had the honor of escorting Mr. Kenjiro Kawano with the Kanto Natural Gas Development Company, Ltd. In Chiba-Ken, Japan and Mr. Tim Searby, a sophomore petroleum engineering student at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas to your Houston office.

I must say the visit was most pleasant and professionally conducted from the time we walked into the building until the time we departed two hours later. I also should say that Matt made an excellent presentation about the history of Derrick Equipment Company and its sister companies in addition to giving us the “cook tour” of the warehouse and testing platform out back. However, we didn’t stay too long (30 minutes) on the shakers and centrifuge. July 1st, yes sir it was plenty warm out there but it did come pretty close to simulating an actual drilling rig operation, temperature wise, out in West Texas!

But seriously and technically speaking, a very well done and informative presentation by all your staff. I know for fact that Mr. Kawano and Mr. Searby will have Derrick Equipment Company featured in their well designs and drilling programs for years to come.

Again, thank you and very well done.”

John F. “Jay” Gilbert
Well Completion Technology
Houston, Texas

“I just wanted to thank you once again for your time and effort in organizing yesterday’s event. A lot of our students said that this was their favorite tour thus far, and that the educational aspect was very practical. I personally have a newfound appreciation for and interest in solids control equipment, especially shale shakers.

We’re very grateful for having you host our organization, thank you.”

Christian Arredondo
MS PE Student
Industry Liaison for AADE UH Student Chapter