Founded by H. William Derrick Jr. in 1951, Derrick Corporation was created to solve some of the most challenging mechanical separation needs of the Mining Industry. At the heart of our present-day offering resides the Integrated Vibratory Motor which was invented by our founder and gave life to an entire line of innovative separation technology. To this day, our pioneering spirit pulses through the organization and inspires development of our leading-edge solutions.

Over the years, we have experienced exponential growth, expanding from our Mining roots to Oil & Gas Drilling, Civil Construction, Industrial, and other challenging industries worldwide. Our robust installed base and expansive network of thousands of cohesive individuals are located across the globe.

Our success is fully dependent on people. Priority one is to serve our global families; our tenured employees, multi-national partners, and surrounding communities. Our unique, close-knit culture and shared, long-term outlook is not only paramount to our success, but to the success of all integral stakeholders.

We thank you for expressing interest in our organization and look forward to being of service to you in the future.


The Derrick Family

H. William Derrick Jr.



With the third generation of Derricks actively involved in the business, it is committed to the guiding principles and philosophy that have led to its success. Derrick is committed to providing customers with state-of-the-art equipment to meet their ever-changing needs. High quality, innovation and reliability are Derrick’s pledge today and for the future.

James Derrick

Co-Chairman of the Board

William Derrick

Co-Chairman of the Board

Mitchell Derrick


Bradley Derrick



Privately owned, Derrick Corporation was founded in 1951 by H. William Derrick Jr., affectionately known as ‘The Chief’ throughout his business career. In 1947, and by now married to his wife Bette, he joined forces with his father-in-law, William L. Wettlaufer, an inventor who held a series of patents to manufacture high frequency therapeutic vibrators and slow speed vibrating screen machines. Together, they developed a high speed vibrator to shake testing sieves. Observation of rapid separation of particles through various sieve sizes and the unusual active behavior of particles when subjected to high frequency vibration spawned the idea for larger commercial designs.

In order to develop and market this idea, Bill Derrick went out on his own, and in 1951 he teamed up with Messinger Bearing Co. to develop the first four bearing high-speed screen vibrator. It was in this same year that Derrick Manufacturing Company was formed as a proprietorship. In 1952, Dick Vale, one of Bill’s cousins joined the company, followed shortly afterwards by his brother Bob Derrick in 1954. In 1955 the company relocated to 590 Duke Road, where for the sum of $25,000, a 3,600 ft² (334 m²) structure was erected to cover needs for both manufacturing and office space. Today, this original space is still a part of Derrick’s 370,000 ft² (34,374 m²) facility.


Derrick Buffalo Testing Facility

The Chief with Doug Redmond (1978)