Derrick® Announces New Hyperpool® High Capacity Shaker

April 30, 2012 – Houston, TX. Derrick® Equipment Company announced today the introduction of its new Hyperpool® four-panel shale shaker designed for oilfield drilling operations. The Hyperpool can be configured in any of three ways: primary shaker, mud cleaner, or as a secondary drier for drilled cuttings.

The Hyperpool shaker is equipped with an adjustable while drilling (AWD) deck angle adjustment, which permits the operator to optimize shaker performance without interrupting operation. The AWD permits the screen deck angle to be lowered and raised within a range of +3° to +8°, respectively.

The standard power source for the Hyperpool shaker consists of two Derrick Super G® vibratory motors, which applies industry-leading high G performance to the screen frame. The greased-for-life bearing system in these motors eliminates the need for any additional lubrication, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and repair costs. Continuous sound output of the motors is 81dBA. Optional Super G2® motors are also available for the Hyperpool shaker. These motors feature a continuous oil-bath lubrication system at a reduced sound output of 78dBA. The standard Super G motors are warranted for two years, and the optional Super G2 motors carry a three-year warranty.

The Hyperpool shaker offers up to 35 percent increased capacity over the Derrick FLC 503 shaker within the same footprint. Fluid Centering Technology maximizes fluid throughput by the machine’s concave screen bed design. The larger non-blanked API screen area increases capacity over conventional shakers, potentially reducing the number of shakers required. Easily installed, hardware-free, oil-resistant bed cushions fully seal the screen panels.

The single-side screen compression system is available in either left or right side operation. The system reduces screen panel replacement time to less than 45 seconds per panel, permitting complete shaker screen changes in less than three minutes. The manually operated compression system drives retention pins that force the screen panel downward against the concave screen bed, producing positive and uniform screen-to-deck sealing. The screen compression system increases screen life, improves conveyance, and prevents solids from passing under screen panels.

Derrick offers a weir feeder (bypass or non-bypass) or a top feeder for the Hyperpool machine. The weir feeder permits the mud to flow evenly over a weir onto the shaker basket for uniform distribution across the shaker deck. Either feeder can be coupled with the Derrick flow divider, which evenly divides the feed between multiple shakers. The flow divider can be integrated into the Hyperpool installation where space and flow line elevation are concerns.

In addition to single units, the Hyperpool is available in dual and triple units on a single skid and configured with an integral flow divider, which provides even distribution of both liquid and solids between each shaker, and center cement bypass with gate valve. Standard features of dual and triple units are Super G vibratory motors, single-side screen compression system, and AWD deck angle adjustment.

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