Derrick Gold Processing Solutions
for CIL/CIP Circuits


Derrick continues to develop new, innovative, high capacity screening equipment to advance gold processing. Our efforts focus on reducing operational expenditure (OPEX), development of new patented technologies, and minimizing maintenance and footprint to reduce environmental impact. All of which contribute to a favorable return on investment (ROI).

These solutions include trash screens, urethane interstage screens, carbon sizing screens, dewatering screens, tails safety screens, and other processing stages.

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Derrick Application Solutions

in Gold Processing Carbon in Leach (CIL/CIP) Circuits

Trash Screen

Trash of any kind can present many problems for process streams and downstream unit operations. Gold processing plants remove trash from their leaching circuits to prevent preg-robbing from organic matter. Screens are the most economical method to remove trash from process streams; however, not all screens are created equal. Derrick high frequency vibrating screens fitted with 3-D Trilogy Surface Technology have risen to the top as the most robust and cost-effective screen for removing trash. Only Derrick offers a vibrating screen capable of handling large volumes of feed while effectively removing trash without media blinding and consequently reducing throughput.

Urethane Interstage Screen

Derrick’s interstage offering is a welcomed alternative to traditional stainless steel wedge wire screens. Where higher open area is essential, Derrick’s tailor made approach ensures compatibility. Our infusion of technology and tradition is delivered to gold producers looking to capitalize on the ease of a bolt-in replacement or complete unit while maintaining efficient separation. The combination of urethane’s abrasion- and cut resistant properties, coupled with Trilogy surface technology, results in increased life, higher throughput, and less maintenance for your screen system. Derrick’s Trilogy technology was developed to produce interchangeable screen modules ranging from 500 to 1200 μm. This new safer and longer lasting standard of CIL/CIP operation increases throughput and raises operational confidence.

Loaded Carbon Screen

Loaded Carbon screening combines high percent solids scalping with solid/ solid separation to make for one of the toughest screening duties in the CIL/CIP Circuit. To prevent downstream stripping circuit issues, it is critical that slurry is effectively removed so that only carbon is sent to oversize. Derrick’s high-open-area, non-blinding panels ensure the most effective separation with minimal maintenance through the entire panel life. Additionally, Derrick’s industry leading G-force screens maximize conveyance for worry-free operation, delivering superior capacity in a small footprint.

Carbon Dewatering

Effective carbon dewatering is key to minimizing reactivation kiln fuel cost. Derrick’s 3D Trilogy panels take this operation to the next level by delivering up to 45% higher screening area in the same footprint as conventional 2-dimensional panel technology. The 3D screening further enhances permeability by allowing more fluid to pass through the top of the screen with the solids consolidating in the valley sections.

Carbon Sizing Screen

Compared to conventional stationary sizing screens, Derrick’s vibrating units deliver superior value through higher efficiency and mechanical reliability. Our non-blinding, high-open-area panels are less susceptible to clogging than sieve bends. This ensures efficient separation over the entire life of the panel without frequent cleaning. This efficient separation keeps carbon fines that adsorb gold (but are too fine to report to the elution circuit) from reporting to the CIL/CIP tanks. This can have a significant benefit to overall gold recovery and can really add up over the life of a plant!

Carbon Safety Screen

The carbon safety screen is the last line of defense before gold-laden carbon fines are lost to tailings. To maximize gold recovery, Derrick high-open-area, non-blinding screen panel technology can capture carbon down to 250 microns—half the size of competitors’ screens. Because Derrick’s screen panel technology delivers the highest throughput per unit screen area of any manufacturer, this fine separation can be achieved with the same or smaller unit(s) compared to the competition.


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