May 4, 2020 – Houston, TX. Derrick® Corporation is pleased to have provided our exclusive US civil distributor Clean Slurry Technology (CST) with (1) Flo-Line Primer 28/258TM, (2) Hyperpool® shakers and (1) Hyperpool with 20×4” desilter package for incorporation into a custom-designed trailer-mounted 300 m3/hr mud system sold to Houston, TX based microtunnel contractor BRH-Garver. This high-performance mud system offers lightning fast mobilization of 4 hours compared to previous systems which took multiple days to setup on site. The mud system is rounded out by a Derrick DE-7200TM VFD controlled centrifuge with a CST designed flocculation mixing and dosing system.

Primary separation on the plant is accomplished by the Derrick Primer, a non-vibratory 5 or 10 mesh polyurethane conveyor belt ideally suited for removing large, oversize clay particles or organics prior to the primary shakers. This relieves load off of the primary shakers and minimizes the amount of sticky, hydrated clays the vibrating shakers have to process.

Secondary separation is accomplished by (2) Hyperpool 4-panel high-G linear motion shakers, Derrick’s latest innovative shaker with manually compressed Pyramid® screens over a unique concave screen bed design to maximize shaker handling capacity. The combination of the high-G force and Pyramid screen technology allows for a fine separation to be accomplished prior to the mud tanks.

In the case of BRH-Garver, screens as fine as API 170 (90μ) were run on the (2) Hyperpool shakers. This fine separation prior to the main mud processing tanks minimizes the amount of work the downstream hydrocyclones and centrifuge have to perform, thereby minimizing wear and tear on the more costly downstream processing equipment. The third Hyperpool shaker was paired with an in-line 20×4” desilter cone package to remove finer sands and silts as fine as 15μ.

Derrick’s big bowl centrifuge and floc system allowed the contractor to effectively process remaining silt and clay in the slurry and keep mud weights at acceptable levels.

BRH-Garver reports that, after completing the first 1500’ drive to install 60” pipe on their Westpark Road project in Houston, the mud processing system performed outstanding and comfortably kept mud weights in the 8.5 to 8.7 PPG range without any reliance on vacuum trucks. Typical daily production was in the 40-50ft/shift range. As expected, the workhorses on the plant during this drive in heavy clay soils were the Flo-Line Primer and DE-7200 centrifuge, while the Hyperpool shakers and Pyramid Screens effectively managed the limited sands and silts.


About Clean Slurry Technology

Clean Slurry Technology provides every client with the equipment and expertise to get the job done. Clean Slurry specializes in solids control and has developed global supplier relationships to bring the best resources to every customer. Clean Slurry Technology has exclusive sales distribution rights for Derrick equipment in the California Oil & Gas Drilling market and the U.S. Civil Construction market; the Clean Slurry rental fleet serves all markets. Clean Slurry designs and builds separation plants to fit project specific needs. Expert personnel optimize every system and piece of equipment for its application.


About Derrick

Since 1988, Derrick has manufactured innovative slurry separation technology with leading-edge solutions for the Underground Construction industry. Derrick offers its clients around-the-clock, award-winning service to maximize  solids control efficiency while reducing non-productive time. Our technology has time and time again offered unmatched solids removal performance which result in total cost-savings.


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